Carrillo 1600 rod purchase

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Bill Wessel
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Carrillo 1600 rod purchase

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nothing like a nice stiff rod!


I'm having some more 1600 rods built by Carrillo and they've said that with an order of 10+ rods, the price will be $294.50 per rod. I'm in for 5, so I'd just need one guy to order 5 more (one set + a spare) and we'd both benefit. Carrillo's are 3/4 of the weight of a stock rod, meaning you save the weight of a rod in a set. They're one of the reasons I've been able to remain competitive in FP against the Miata's. They're virtually bullet-proof (unless you suffer a catastrophic cam break, like me). Even if you turn a bearing and smoke the big end, Carrillo will recondition them for $120 per rod. You can't buy a better rod for your 3 or 5 main 1600. I've used them for years!


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Re: Carrillo 1600 rod purchase

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Curios. Do you have a part number for those R16 rods?
Chris Coker
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Re: Carrillo 1600 rod purchase

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The job number I have from my 2002 order was: 21914

Looks like this was a group order placed through Malvern Racing.

Hope this helps!
Chris C.
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