Website switching servers starting on Friday, Nov. 19

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Website switching servers starting on Friday, Nov. 19

Postby Chris Coker » Tue Nov 18, 2003 12:49 pm

Just got this email from my service provider. The site may be unreachable for a while. The good news is that future interruptions should be fewer and far between. - Chris


If you are receiving this email notice it means that your domain name
hosting account is on one of our servers that will be migrated to a our
new network provider within the next 24-hours. The physical migration will
commence at approximately 3pm CST on Friday November 19th 2003.

Please be aware that during the migration period your site will be
off-line as well as for up to 24-72 hours for DNS to fully propagate
across the entire Internet to the new network address. This migration is
necessary due to recent issues with our current network provider, which
has caused unplanned and unexpected network outages during the month of
September 2003.

We are migrating your accounts to a new Tier 1 network provider to insure
that unexpected network outages do not continue to cause you to be further
inconvenienced in the future. This move will also increase the speed and
response times of your web sites availability, email, and FTP services. We

apologize for the inconvenience and will work as hard as we can to get
your sites back on-line ASAP after the move.

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