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Postby Chris Coker » Fri Nov 14, 2003 7:22 am

Hopefully, y'all have noticed that I have started hosting ads on the bulletin board. I'm trying them out on a trial basis, and so far, my statistics show that pretty much no one has been clicking on them.

My costs to operate this board are pretty low: $15/year for the domain name, and about $30/year for the web hosting, plus a little bit of my time to maintain things. So, it costs me only pennies a day to run things.

The ads work on a pay-per-click basis. The payout is based on many factors, and it runs anywhere from $0.02 to about $0.22 a click. It would only take a couple of visitors making a one or two clicks per day to completely cover the costs. The ads are also content driven, so you might find them useful at times, as I already have done. And don't think that clicking mutiple times on the same link will rack up lots of $$. The implementation recognizes where the click is coming from, and won't allow that sort of abuse of the system.

Last month, I had about 17,000 total hits to my website, and the discussion board receives almost all of those hits. I'm not close to using up my available bandwidth or disk space just yet, but that becomes a possibility as this site continues to grow.

If you have received some benefit from the information posted here, my request is this: While you are reading the discussions here, take a moment to see if any of the ads interest you. Take a couple of extra seconds to click on them, and check them out. Again, my goal here isn't to make money, just to cover my costs associated with keeping things up and running.

Thanks for your time, and happy roadstering!
Chris C.

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