Recent outages

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Recent outages

Postby Chris Coker » Sat Sep 20, 2003 3:35 pm

Here's what I've received from out service provider in regards to my website being down off and on for a few days. It gets a little technical, even for me. :lol:

We are giving our customers a detailed explanation of the problems that we as a company and you our customers have been facing for the last 24 hours and some of you for the last two weeks. First of all, due to the deligence and hard work of our technical people here at, we were finally able to convince our network provider, Birch, that the problems we were having were due to their equipment and network failing and not ours.

After presenting our facts, Birch discovered that they had misconfigured the Alcatel switch controlling our network feed from their station. They discovered that the PVCs had a device installed called "traffic cop". This configuration and device were literally cutting our bandwidth in half and making it impossible for our customers to reach their sites or us to reach our customers. After removing "traffic cop" and reconfiguring the PVCs, they rebooted the Alcatel switch and the sites on our network started coming back online around 7:00 PM Central Standard Time.

Our immediate problem has been solved, but when we started having these problems over a week ago, we decided to go ahead and order service from another provider. We received word today that our new network order has been approved and is being processed. We hope to have that new network at our new data center up and going within the next few weeks. Once it is up and tested thoroughly, we will migrate all of our servers to this new provider as it is a Tier 1, ATM system which is only two hops from the backbone of the internet.

We could not reach you during this last outtage as the problem took our help desk offline also. We appreciate our customers and hope you can still do business with us in the future. We have been working hard on this the last few weeks and have many more 18 hour days ahead to cleanup the fallout from all of this. Some companies would have given up, but we fought against a much larger company than ourselves and finally won for us and you. We realize that many of our customers use the internet for their business as do we. We will continue to do our best for our customers. We appreciate the support we have gotten and understand anyone who does not wish to continue to support us. We have been working hard on this and will continue to work on any problems should they arise. Again, the servers and equipment at our datacenters were never at fault or malfunctioning during this entire time. We can only present you the customer the truth and you must draw your own conclusions on this matter.

Our help desk is of course full of tickets and we must start over with the tickets in order to manage them. If you had a ticket about anything other than the outtage, please resubmit it as some of the old tickets will be deleted.

Tech Support
Chris C.

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