67.5 1600 race roadster for sale

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67.5 1600 race roadster for sale

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From the Roadster Mailing list....

Craig Halsted

have a 67.5 1600 race roadster for sale, was in the national runoffs 2001
then disassembled, new rollcage, new Konis, all sorts of good yada
yada...needs completion. haven't sold off the Panasports that are with it
or the posi rear yet, first $5k buys it all. haven't taken it off the
trailer yet or unloaded the parts from the truck, could maybe deliver for a
price...contact me offlist if interested. have a few other roadsters both
race and street available including a few 67.5 2000's, also still have some
free parts cars available. located in Virginia if ya' didn't know.
Chris C.
Bill Wessel
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Post by Bill Wessel »

If this information is true (about being in the 2001 Runoffs), then the car was Bill Howe's who never actually turned a lap at Ohio that week, I'm sorry to say.

But the car, I believe, is the red with yellow stripes #67, that is pictured on this site.

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