Oil Temp Sensor

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Oil Temp Sensor

Postby DatsunBucky » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:36 pm

I realize the best place for an oil temperature sensor would be in the line from the cooler back to the engine, but I don't have an oil cooler at this time.

Would it be OK to install the sensor low enough on the side of the oil pan to be covered by oil? I know that the oil goes from the pan through the pump and then out to the filter (and cooler, if so equipped) then back to the engine, but without a cooler, the oil coming back to the engine is almost the same temp as going out.

At this point the car will be used for autocross and maybe track days.

Inquiring minds would like to know... :?
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Postby Chris Coker » Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:38 pm

My old temp sender was a replacement for the oil fill plug. All that oil acting as a heat sink probably gave a good overall picture of oil temp, in my opinion.

For an autocross, you'll probably never get the oil up to full temp, and only after a few laps on track days. (your mileage may vary :) )
Chris C.

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